Facts About Mythical Creatures

Even though most of us came to know about mythical creatures through movies, the creatures have been in existence for a long time even before the advent of film. From dragons, fairies, to mermaids, mythical creatures continues to fascinate the human race. The following are bizarre facts about mythical creatures:


Throughout thousands of years of mythology, they often spelled terrible luck and were said to lure sailors to their deaths. The mermaid story began as far back as 2,000 years ago with the Syrian legend of Atargatis. Worshipped as a goddess, she was said to have partially transformed into a fish after diving into a lake.


The Griffin is a huge creature resembling both a lion and an eagle. It was believed to be the king of all the other mythical creatures among the Islamic, European, and Far Eastern traditions. People thought that its claws had healing powers and could heal the sick and they get strength from holy basil plant benefits.


These are shiny little supernatural creatures thought to grant people their wishes besides giving magical powers. The word fairy is associated with mischievous spirits of the natural world. Fairies originated from Europe and included a broad range of myths including the fore-bonding demons, angelic spirits.


Unicorns are mythical creatures associated with healing powers and purity. Unicorns were common with medieval tapestry artists. However, the good creature is more often confused for other things and bad omen. In Northern Europe, people used to collect narwhal horns thinking they were unicorns. Marco Polo once thought he came across a unicorn, but the creature happened to be a rhinoceros which made him feel disappointed due to its ugliness.


Dragons are the most widely known mythical creatures. The creatures are known in both the west and the east to range from small to huge beasts, with the ability to breathe fire. There are different species of dragons such as wyverns, having only two feet, hydra, the great serpent, and amphiptere. It is believed that dragons can be killed but through other means but not by drowning.

The Phoenix

The creatures are thought to have originated from Persia, Egypt, Rome, and China. The Phoenix is thought to have a lifespan of about 500 years after which it builds a nest from the most fragrant wood, which becomes its permanent residence. The Earth can only have one phoenix at a time.


Elves are believed to have originated in Germany. The creatures are considered to be semi-divine. The light elves are associated with fertility while the dark elves/ dwarves are synonymous with aggression and deceit.


The ogre is the most recent mythical creature having first appeared in the 12th century in Chrétien de Troyes’ poetic work. Ogres are depicted as cannibals and can harm both the good and bad people.

The Sphinx

It is believed that there are two types of sphinx traditions. The Grecian sphinx has a feminine head and is thought to be malicious: It asked people to answer a riddle and ate everyone who failed to get the right answer. The Grecian was first defeated by the Tragic hero, Oedipus. The Egyptian sphinx has a masculine head and is thought to be more benevolent and protective.